Our Services

Electrical Projects

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1) In-house Architectural Design build services.
2) H.T./L.T. Substations up to 400 KV
3) H.T./L.T. Panels
4) VFD panels
5) Instrumentation Panels
6) RTU panels
7) Automation System
8) Turnkey Projects for MEP works
9) Energy Audit, Building Stability certification
10)Third party Inspection under factories act etc.
11) Property valuation work for industries, residential, commercial and institutional.
12) Telephone & LAN Network System
13) CCTV, Security System
14) Fire Fighting Systems
15) Solar System ON Grid/Off Grid System
16) HVAC Systems

Automation / Instrumentation / Electronics

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We are manufacturing quality standard products for our esteemed customers our products are like Transformers, Generators, Control Panels, UPS, Servo Stabilizers, Timers, Inductive Proximity Switches, Capacitive Proximity Switches, Zero Speed Switches, Annunciation System, Emergency tube lights, Control Transformers etc.

Temperature:- Sensors, Transmitters, Indicators & Controllers, Scanners, Recorders etc.

Pressure:- Gauges, Switches, Transmitters with various Ranges, Digital Pressure Indicators & Controllers etc.

Flow:- Woltman Type, With/Without Strainers, Oval Wheel/Positive Displacement Type, Electromagnetic, Vortex Type, Turbine Type, Ultrasonic Inline/Clamp, Orifice/Anubar with DPT Type for Steam & Water

Solar Energy for Electricity

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We design, manufacture, supply, erection, testing, commissioning of solar energy of grid/on grid projects Automation/Instrumentation/Electronics We are manufacturing quality standard products like UPS, Timers, Proximity Switches for our esteemed customers .

1) Solar Electricity
2) Solar Pumps
3) Solar Lighting
4) Roof Top Solar System Off Grid/ On Grid
5) Solar Net Metering System

Design Build Services for MEP

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We undertake total energy efficient HVAC system, fire fighting system, piping with time bound execution services for MEP projects

1- Design services
2- Drawing services
3- Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Electrical, LAN Network, Telephone System, CCTV, HVAC, Fire Fighting System
4- MEP Work execution
5- Project management consultancy for MEP work
6- As Built Drawings
7- Site handing over

Equipment on rent

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We supply industrial equipment on rent like-
1-DG sets
3-Air compressors
4-Air conditioners

And more as per customers requirement.

Energy Audit & Inspection

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In house team conducts Energy Audit, Safety Audit, Fire Audit. We conduct third party inspection and certification

We do conduct following services -
1) Energy Audits
2) Electrical Safety Audits
3) HVAC audits
4) Fire Audits
5) Third Party Inspection, Testing and commissioning
6) Measurement and Verification