Item Name

Servo Stabilizer

Today, there are thousands of servo voltage stabilizers and Power Conditioners throughout India. To meet the increasing demand, servo Control in-house engineers have regularly improved the performance of the Voltage stabilizers and Power Conditioners keeping alongside the modern developments in control voltage technology.

These years the company has continued the leadership with a better response, reliability and smoother surge-free operation. We develop stabilizers including all modern features.

Whatever are your domestic or industrial power supply requirements, We can provide an ultimate solution with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Servo Voltage Stabilizers have many domestic and industrial applications such as metal processing equipment, production lines, construction devices, large type electromechanical equipment, elevators, medical equipment, jewelers, textiles, air-conditioners, etc. Even TV sets, Refrigerators and other household appliances.


1- Continuously Variable Voltage Auto Transformer

2- Buck-Boost Transformer (Optional up to 10 KVA 1Ph/30 KVA 3ph)

3- Synchronous Motor

4- Control Panel

5- Audio alarm at high / low inputs

6- Automatic high/low cut off.

7- Single Phase Preventer

8- Digital Voltmeter/ Ammeter

9- MCB/MCCB for input/output