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Our Products Range Includes

1 - Power Transformers and Distribution Transformers upto 5 MVA, 33kV Class

2 - Hermetically Sealed Transformer

3 - Furnace Transformers, upto 10MVA, 33 kV Class

4 - Windmill Transformers

5 - Booster Transformers

6 - Rectifier Transformers

7 - Generator Transformer


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Our Products Range Includes

Cooper Corporation specializes in design and manufacture of Super Silent diesel generator sets with power ranging from 10KVA to 180KVA. Cooper ECOPACK series of Gensets are powered by 4-stroke, liquid cooled, Cooper make- Diesel engines, based on state of the art CRDi technology in technical collaboration with Ricardo, UK.


Clean & Green Technology: The ECOPACK series is India's first Euro IV, US EPA Tier IV Interim and CPCB 2 compliant set of generators. This makes ECOPACK the automatic choice for environment-conscious power consumers.

The Silent Revolution: The use of a specially designed CPCB approved acoustic canopy is a result of in-depth R & D, evolved out of several design & prototype tests. With a 7-tank pre-treatment and durable powder coating the ECOPACK series functions with a commando-like efficiency - stealthy, powerful and yet the noise measured is within 75 dbA at 1meter, distance under free field condition.

The Tech Savvy Genset: The ECOPACK series of Gensets are powered With an advanced ECU and Optimal Remote Control Specially designed ECU module which controls all critical parameters of the engine with optimal remote control facility.

Efficient & Consumer Friendly: ECOPACK Gensets are 40% lighter and require 25% less space in comparison to other brands of repute has an unmatched fuel efficiency, coupled with the highest maintenance interval of 500 hours and lube oil consumption of 0.1% makes ECOPACK the most economic brand of generators to operate and enjoys a B10 life of 7000 Hours.

After Sales Service: Cooper ECOPACK series Gensets comes with the Cooper guarantee of quality hence breakdowns are hardly any. We have nationwide network of service dealers who are well equipped with genuine spare parts stock and ready to provide prompt after sales service. We also invite interested and capable parties to be our authorized sales and service dealer for unrepresented areas.